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About Us

Founded in 2010, Invictus, what was one man show initially, grew rapidly to a team of highly qualified, dedicated and energetic individuals working round the clock to provide exceptional
technology, consulting and staffing services in Banking, Financial, Healthcare, Telecommunications and Publishing industries. With more than 50 years of combined experience in

  • Business

  • Technology

  • Application & Product Development

  • Management Consulting

  • Compliance and Regulatory Entities

our Board of Directors bring to the table, we are a perfect mix of professionals striving not to just get the job done but get it done "right".


To be a premier staffing, consulting, and solution provider, dedicated to fostering excellence and innovation. We strive to transcend boundaries by matching the finest talent with optimal requirements, leveraging our Board's expertise to explore new frontiers of technology. Our vision is to create a dynamic and diverse workforce, continuously honed through unparalleled training, thereby becoming a global leader in delivering cutting-edge solutions.

Our mission is to carefully match the best talent with diverse job requirements, continually expand our technological expertise, and offer affordable, high-quality solutions to address global challenges. We are dedicated to providing ongoing, exceptional training to our employees, fostering a positive work culture, and building strong relationships with our clients. Through these efforts, we aim to create a thriving and diverse workforce that contributes positively to our clients and the broader community.

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