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Product Development

At Invictus Infotech, in addition to our comprehensive application development and management consulting services, we maintain a steadfast focus on pioneering product development and management. As a technology and services-oriented company, our paramount objective is to provide innovative solutions to formidable challenges spanning diverse industries, from Transportation to healthcare, administration to banking and insurance.

Addressing recent challenges in mass data management, transactional systems, information warehousing, and more, we are actively engaged in initiatives that exemplify our commitment to impactful solutions:

  1. Providing a Proof-of-Concept for Transactional and Fare Collection systems in the Transportation Industry.

  2. Facilitating Easy Identity Management through cutting-edge market-ready technologies.

  3. Revolutionizing Coupon Management across major retailers through electronic technology.

  4. Offering Dashboard template collections (utilizing Open Source tools) for key partners in trading, banking, and transportation.

  5. Delivering Content Management solutions (leveraging Open Source tools) at highly competitive prices.

Our meticulous Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) approach, resembling an agile product development methodology, encompasses a comprehensive walkthrough:

  1. Ideation, protection, and rationalization of the idea.

  2. Consultation with major stakeholders in investment, technology, operational, and user sectors.

  3. Thorough screening of the idea's feasibility and acceptance within a focus group.

  4. Technology selection and hands-on experience with the focus group.

  5. Approval from the focus group leading to presentation to industry players.

  6. Comparative analysis with existing products in terms of costs, benefits, and convenience.

  7. Detailed implementation plan, contracts, NDAs, timelines, SLAs, and support arrangements.

Prior to the actual implementation, we rigorously simulate and refine each step, ensuring confidence in our approach and differentiating ourselves as a forward-thinking product development entity.

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